About Us


In 2006, Sprint Couriers was born. Our beginnings were humble: a modest team of sixteen employees committed team members and just six vehicles, fueled by the unique vision of two Batswana women.

We worked tirelessly to establish ourselves —building our client base with one on-time delivery after another, one promise kept at a time.

In the face of serious multinational competition, the simple act of putting our customers at the center of everything we did turned out to be a winning formula.

Today, Sprint Couriers is fortunate to operate from 31 offices nationwide, boasting a handsome fleet of vehicles committed to providing highly innovative, customisedcourier and logistics services to a wide range of corporations, Government departments, parastatals, SMEs and individuals.

This is the community we serve. These are the promises we keep.

In addition to our countrywide presence in Botswana, Sprint Couriers retains a high-value international partnership with the Aramex Group across Europe, the Middle East, the rest of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.



By leveraging our unique operational efficiency, we intend to provide our customers with a finely tailored logistical service that:

Facilitates secure, timeous delivery for our customer.
Prevents brand damage to customers due to late deliveries.
Allows customers to keep their promises to their customers.
Equals significant cost saving on logistics for our clients.
Reduces the stress of distribution.
Meets the unique needs of each customer.

At Sprint Couriers, we recognise the necessity and value of customer needs and remain committed to meeting them as well as continuing to search for innovative means of improving our service delivery such that we continue to retain the patronage of existing customers and encourage the support of new ones.


Botswana’s leading provider of express courier and logistics services, our countrywide presence comprising an extensive network of over 75 sites allows us to provide top quality logistical services to our customers.

Although a fairly new company, we at Sprint Couriers are committed to using our unique economies of scale to benefit our clientele and relieve them of any logistical problems they may have.

Our objective at Sprint Couriers to provide a fast, efficient, secure, reliable and cost-effective service that enhances the business operations of our clients and allows for sufficient satisfaction of each individual’s logistical requirements.

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