mission vision values


At Sprint Couriers, we firmly believe that:

  • Effective support of a diverse and unified team allows for effective coordination of their efforts towards the attainment of company objectives and the satisfaction of customer needs.
  • If we show our customers the respect they deserve, we will in turn be respected.
  • Mistakes are a part of learning. To progress as a company, we need to recognise and learn from the instances where we fall short of our customers’expectations.
  • Ensuring our customer’s success creates our success.
  • Ethical business operations in line with the laws of Botswana are imperative.
  • Setting the benchmark means tailoring our services to our customers transport and logistics challenges, putting our customers’minds at ease with the knowledge that they have an optimal, efficient strategy working for them.
  • Delivering a quality service for our customers is a continuous process.
  • Our team always performs best when they are empowered, accountable, acknowledged and preserving customers’interests, always.


  • Embedded in our company ethos of ‘Your World Delivered,’ourMission at Sprint Couriers is to provide Botswana’s highest quality courier and logistics services that are reliable, convenient, affordable and suitably customised to both our local and global partners.


  • Our Vision at Sprint Couriers is to retain our status as Botswana’s market leader in goods delivery and to develop into a global brand.


At Sprint Couriers, we are deeply committed to the following values, which we regard as the bare minimum our customer can expect from us:

  • Quality with every delivery
  • Honesty in every detail
  • Integrity in every relationship
  • Responsibility for every outcome
  • Accountability for decision we make
  • Effective Communication with our customers and with ourselves
  • Safety on the road, every day